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Product/Service Detail
Product/Service >> Dry Cabinet - Wonderful >> NT-WF-DD1300CH WONDERFUL Dry Cabinet model DD-1300CH

NT-WF-DD1300CH  WONDERFUL Dry Cabinet model DD-1300CH - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่

Product in stock: 1 unit
NT-WF-DD1300CH  WONDERFUL Dry Cabinet model DD-1300CH


NT-WF-DD1300CH WONDERFUL Dry Cabinet model DD-1300CH

Code: 000293
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WONDERFUL Dry Cabinet model DD-1300CH

NT-WF-DD1300CH  WONDERFUL Dry Cabinet model DD-1300CH    : DD-1300CH is equipped with the capability to control the lowest humidity at the minimum 1%RH Ultra Low Humidity Level, and it is suitable for the factory or industry that has the products or materials that are needed to keep the humidity stable at the very ultra low level with the inbuilt precise sensor.

Capacity : Approx. 1200 Litres   ( Effective Usage :  1160 Litres )
Color :  Light Gray
Material : High Quality Steel Cabinet Body
Cabinet Weight :  170 kg.
Weight Loading Capability of Shelf :  100 kg.

Specification for DD-CH-series :
Type of Display Screen  :  
Digital Control Panel and Digital Display Hygrometer
Minimum Humidity Level Capability  :
1%RH Ultra Low Humidity Level
Door Type  :  New Model and New Design --  This series develop the new type of inward-curving handgrip called "Concave Handle - CH" for assisting the cabinet owner to have more easily and firmly handgripping the door when opening it.  Due to it is curved inward the door edge, the concave handle conceals its existence and hamonizes with the surface of the door.  Look more beautiful and smart design !!!

Outside dimensions :
Inside dimensions :
Number of Drawers/Shelves : 5  ( High Grade Steel Shelves )
Number of Door(s) :  4 ( Magnetic Rubber Seal Door with glass windows )
Power Source :  AC 220V (50/60Hz) 31.2w/h (404W)
Net Weight  : 170 kgs.  (170,000 grams)

Delivery carton dimensions :
Gross Weight :  175 kgs.  (175,000 grams)

Product Code :: NT-WF-DD1300CH
Barcode :: 885 4238 00 523 6
EAN 8-13 / UPC 12 Code :: 8854238005236
Stock Code :: NTWFDD1300CH

Disclaimer : The Specifications, features and appearance of the products may differ from the illustrations shown here due to the continuously modified and improved product design by the brand-owner, maker or manufacturer of the said goods.   We therefore reserve the right for any alteration without the advance notice.       

Weight : 175000 g.
Size [length x width x high] : 130 x 75 x 192 cm.

Stock : 1 Piece

Time sale : Until the remains

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